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Windows "Microsoft Windows has put on a lot of weight over the years" writs Randall Stross in a recent New York Times blog entry on Windows' legacy code. "Beginning as a thin veneer for older software code," he continues, "it has become an obese monolith built on an ancient frame. Adding features, plugging security holes, fixing bugs, fixing the fixes that never worked properly, all while maintaining compatibility with older software and hardware -- is there anything Windows doesn't try to do?" Does Microsoft have the business savvy or guts to rewrite Windows?
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Coral Snake
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It seems that people want to blame "Legacy" applications and avoid the real problms with both XP and Vista bloat.
These are the Product Activation schemes, spyware, phone home ware and DRM that modern Windows is loaded with.

I actually run more legacy apps on LINUX through DOSbox,
DOSemu and Crossover/Wine than most people run on Windows and have no bloat related problems with them.

This is because Linux does not have Product Activation, Spyware, phone home ware, DRM and other atributes of the software fascist state that Windows has become and that software fascist state is the REAL Windows bloat problem currently.

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