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Morphos In a classic case of "two more weeks", the MorphOS team has actually finally really I'm-not-kidding-you released MorphOS 2.0. This release was long-awaited, and comes packed with so many new features they might as well have called it MorphOS 3.0. "The MorphOS development is proud to announce the public release of the much anticipated version 2.0 of MorphOS. For an overview of the included new features and updates, please read our release notes. A description of the hardware requirements and installation procedures can be found here."
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RE: Pegasos G3?
by erebos on Mon 30th Jun 2008 23:49 UTC in reply to "Pegasos G3?"
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No, nothing special apart from selecting the right boot image (see below)

MorphOS 2.0 Readme:

- Turn on your Pegasos 1/2 ;)
- Press escape on the keyboard until you reach the Open Firmware prompt
- Insert the CD
- At the Open Firmware prompt, type:
(Pegasos 2) boot cd boot.img
(Pegasos 1) boot /ide/cd bootpeg1.img
- MorphOS will now start booting. Once it is done booting, follow the on screen instructions.

full version here:

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