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Morphos In a classic case of "two more weeks", the MorphOS team has actually finally really I'm-not-kidding-you released MorphOS 2.0. This release was long-awaited, and comes packed with so many new features they might as well have called it MorphOS 3.0. "The MorphOS development is proud to announce the public release of the much anticipated version 2.0 of MorphOS. For an overview of the included new features and updates, please read our release notes. A description of the hardware requirements and installation procedures can be found here."
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RE[4]: Pegasos G3?
by Eugenia on Tue 1st Jul 2008 07:35 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Pegasos G3?"
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>I'm a bit suprised that

Honey, you missed lots of episodes.

>a) OSNews editors appearently do not communicate on forehand on such a topic (I'd expect Thom to know about this 2003 review?)

Thom joined OSNews in 2005, two years after I wrote this review.

>, that b) they need to communicate to each other via the comment section (I'd expect Eugenia to contact Thom directly)

We did afterwards. But it's not a big deal thing to start talking about. I don't care about this machine. It's sitting on my office taking space for the last 5 years. In fact, I am not even sure it still works. I have it though, and I am willing to write a review if the company would like one.

> and c) that OSNews (being heavily sponsored and all)

OSNews' ads are not managed by us editors, but by the owner who pays hefty server fees. If we want to write a review for something, we have to ask for a review unit ourselves. In fact, that's how it usually works: companies send software/hardware for reviews, journalists don't buy that stuff.

>cannot provide editors with so little as $150 for doing a review.

If I am going to ask for money from OSNews (I won't) it would be for buying me gadgets for my new interest, which is videography, not operating systems. I don't really care about OSes anymore, but I am around, and if I want to help a product, or ditch a product, I might actually sit my ass down and write an article. But that doesn't mean is what I am interested at these days.

As I told Thom on IM yesterday, if he was in the Bay Area I would give him the Pegasos for free. I know Thom wants to use it and review it much more than I do. It's just that happens that Thom is in The Netherlands, and shipping it back to Europe would be expensive.

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