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Windows We've already said quite a few words on this one already, so we are going to leave it at a short announcement today. Today, Monday 30 June 2008, marks the last day of sales for Windows XP, the seven year old operating system a lot of people really don't want to let go. Windows Vista is Microsoft's sole desktop operating system now, whether people like it or not. Windows XP will still be available via backdoors and on netbooks, but it won't be available at retailers anymore (some might still have some stock left, though). Feel free to place your obituary in the comments. To me, Windows XP was like cheese: it got better with age.
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RE[2]: People tend to forget...
by Nalle on Tue 1st Jul 2008 08:21 UTC in reply to "RE: People tend to forget..."
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What they also seem to forget, is that Windows 98 came in ....well, -98, ME came about 2000 and XP in 2001.

That meant that nobody really needed to bother with Windows ME. They had full support and (at least in Norway) you could buy Windows 98 almost until Windows XP came.

Now to continue buying XP, you've got to be creative by downgrading, so this time it's not that easy to skip the bad OS in between. After all, Windows 7 is announced in 2010 but Microsoft is known to be a bit later in delivery than they promise from time to time.

As far as I can see, we'll have to live with Vista only in the next two years or more.
I am not sure I am looking forward to that, being a IT-consultant I've got to troubleshoot the sh*t.

Ah, well, after all the crappy OS-es create more troubles for the users and that is what I live of, so maybe I shouldn't complain? It's a bit sad for the users though....

Myself, I run Linux on my own machines so Vista doesn't hurt me much personally.

Nalle Berg

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