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Oracle and SUN Yesterday we reported on rumours that Xandros would acquire Linspire. The official press release won't go out until tomorrow, but Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos answered a set of questions about the acquisition, so read on for an inside scoop on the Xandros-Linspire acquisition and what it means for both companies.
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Long term planning at Xandros?
by porcel on Tue 1st Jul 2008 19:53 UTC
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I hope I am wrong, but these canned responses add nothing of value and show no real planning occurred behind this acquisition.

A company that purchases another one and has no real plans yet for what to do with the acquired products and customers is a disaster in the making.

Here's a few tips for you. C

Create a single online identity for the combined company, with a single product-line. Get your product into admin's hands so that they can test it just like they currently test Ubuntu, Mandriva, Suse or RHEL through CENTOS.

Shed everything proprietary about Xandros such as its file manager. There is nothing unique about it and it just adds confusion to the market. Work off a single code base and add value by integrating well your file file and groupware server offerings with a standard kde client such as Kontact that any distro can ship. That way, you increase the appeal of your server distribution, which is what most people pay for. And people like consistency, so even if you support a standard kde client, companies will go to you for the whole widget.

Once every other kde-based distro has moved to kde4, which will happen in the next 12 months, Xandros and its file manager will look ancient and archaic. Put all your development resources into stabilizing kde4 and porting any remnant kde3 applications.

And yes, I know kde4 isn't ready for prime time yet, but you need to get into planning mode and I assure you that by the summer of 2009 kde 4.2 or kde 4.3 will be well supported and stable and the choice of all leading distributions.

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