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Oracle and SUN Yesterday we reported on rumours that Xandros would acquire Linspire. The official press release won't go out until tomorrow, but Xandros CEO Andreas Typaldos answered a set of questions about the acquisition, so read on for an inside scoop on the Xandros-Linspire acquisition and what it means for both companies.
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I hope I am wrong, but these canned responses add nothing of value and show no real planning occurred behind this acquisition.

A company that purchases another one and has no real plans yet for what to do with the acquired products and customers is a disaster in the making.

The idea is simple: Xandros needs CNR, the infrastructure, the backend, the tools, etc, for their EeePC distro. Especially for a storage-space challenged device like the Eee it's important to be able to slim it down and easily add those stuff later on.

There's rumors flying around that Asus's shopping for another distro and if it takes CNR to keep that cash cow, it's in Xandros' best interest to acquire it.

Shed everything proprietary about Xandros such as its file manager. There is nothing unique about it and it just adds confusion to the market.

Funny thing you say that; because while I've never used Xandros, every Xandros user I've met said their file manager was their killer feature.

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