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BeOS & Derivatives It is no secret that us OSNews editors - Eugenia and I, mostly - have fond memories of the BeOS. So, whenever a handy BeOS feature makes its way into other operating systems, I zealously point it out in the articles or comments I write about them. Call it a harmless little compulsion. Anyway, a few days ago, while hanging around in Haiku's irc channel, a link to a screenshot showed an interesting little piece of BeOS legacy which had found its way to Windows.
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RE[2]: ProcessExplorer
by XemonerdX on Wed 2nd Jul 2008 09:02 UTC in reply to "RE: ProcessExplorer"
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ProcessExplorer, while really useful in its own right, doesn't really offer the same accessibility to the mentioned features as ProcessController does. PE is an extended version of the task manager, while PC is something else.

They both deliver the same functionality, but they deliver it differently.

What's less accessible in PE compared to PC? Judging from the screenshots on the PC page ( I'd say PE offers the same information as PC does except most of it is viewable at a glance (,MSDN....).jpg) rather than having to drill down like in PC. I'd even say that judging from PC's page PE offers more functionality than PC (viewing DLL's mapped into a process' address space for instance, no mention of this on PC's page). Then again, I've not installed PC to see how it stacks up against PE, PE has everything I need anyways, and then some.

And PE is anything but an extended version of the task manager as someone already pointed out (if by extended you mean a wrapper around the native task manager). And even if it was, what difference does it make?

What's funny about the PC screenshot btw is that PC is taking up the most resources together with VLC.

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