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Oracle and SUN In what seems like a battle of ants in a case full of lions, Practical Technology has learned that Xandros has bought Linspire. "In an announcement that was sent out today, June 30, to Linspire stockholders, CEO Larry Kettler wrote that the stockholders had decided to sell all of Linspire's assets. This deal specifically includes Linspire, Freespire, and the company's distribution agnostic CNR (Click 'N Run) desktop installation platform." Not everyone is very happy with this one, though.
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It's definitely a back room sell off. The wording of the notices states that they are selling off all the assets and changing the name of the existing Linspire Inc to Digital Cornerstone INC. I agree with what you said in your blog. Robertson has done an End run around the stock holders by keeping the shell of the company intact and selling off the assets. Not illegal, but shifty and immoral.

Oh, and Kevin. I wanted to say that under your tenure, Linspire WAS on the right track.. from Open Sourcing CnR to launching Freespire you did a good job. Shame about how it all turned out.


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