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Linux posted an interesting article by utilizing the Google Trends system to show the trends in the Linux ecosystem. While these trends don't mean "market share", they are interesting and pretty accurate in terms of what average users care about. According to it, "Ubuntu" might even overtake the word "linux" in Google's searches.
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RE: New metrics
by -oblio- on Thu 3rd Jul 2008 07:02 UTC in reply to "New metrics"
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It's back on top on Distrowatch. Basically all these articles are Canonical's grass roots marketing campaign.

They want to say something, but they don't have proof (it's hard to get when talking about Linux distributions market share). So they get these reviews/analyses "for free" (I'm curios as to how many are paid/sponsored), so they can point at them.

Oh well, at least it seems to work, and they're part of the few promoting Desktop Linux (main promoter is Novell, and then Linspire/Xandros, Red Hat has officially backed away from it: - consumer desktop).

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