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Linux posted an interesting article by utilizing the Google Trends system to show the trends in the Linux ecosystem. While these trends don't mean "market share", they are interesting and pretty accurate in terms of what average users care about. According to it, "Ubuntu" might even overtake the word "linux" in Google's searches.
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One for all, all for ...
by Odisej on Thu 3rd Jul 2008 08:36 UTC
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Data is impressive. I wish there would be a day when "Ubuntu" would overtake "Windows". That will be a headline! But to "holier-than-thous" among us just a thought: If there was no Ubuntu linux would still be just a dot on the fringes of desktop world. Thanks to it, it is on a path to stardom. Good for all. For me, it is simple. I use Ubuntu because I have to work to earn money, I like to spend, the pop psychologist's favorite, "quality time" with my family, and really enjoy reading books. I can do all that and use linux at the same time. Amazing! Before Ubuntu it would be almost impossible as i really, really do not have time to spend hours finding solutions to problems cropping up all over the place because this or that would not cooperate with my ideas. It is getting better, true, but it still took me half an hour to update anything with Yast while in Ubuntu one can do it in less than a minute ...

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