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KDE "After the recent release KDE 4.1 beta 2 and openSUSE 11 with KDE 4.0.4, some critics have been especially vocal in expressing their displeasure with the KDE 4 user interface paradigms. The debate has grown increasingly caustic as critics and supporters engage in a war of words over the technology. The controversy has escalated to the point where some users are now advocating a fork in order to move forward the old KDE 3.5 UI paradigms. As an observer who has closely studied each new release of KDE 4, I'm convinced that the fork rhetoric is an absurdly unproductive direction for this debate."
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That 6+ months of a complete lack of basic, and hugely visible functionality is somehow not an issue.

sorry, the last 6 months have seen *insane* amounts of progress.

That you know better than everyone else, and that nobody elses opinion means sh*t.

no, not everyone else's opinions, just your opinion (and those like it). why? because it's uninformed and delivered in the most uncivil manner possible. if you want me to take your opinion into consideration, then make it a well researched one and then speak to me like you would a person deserving of common respect.

imagine going to a friend, a manager, a professor, etc. and delivering an uninformed opinion with words such as the above. i doubt they'd receive it well, and you wouldn't deserve more.

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