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KDE The windows port for KDE allows users to install and run KDE applications in Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista . This tutorial will guide you step by step through installing KDE in Windows.
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The primary goals behind these ports are:

* to reach more developers (lots of them on Windows/Mac either because they are "stranded" or by choice)

* to make open protocols and file formats viable on platforms like Windows; take having Kontact native on all three platforms lets people choose one of half a dozen or so groupware servers and have a single production quality user interface that runs natively on all platforms with the exact same feature set. it's a perfect way to make non-Windows platforms viable on the desktop and non-Exchange groupware systems viable on the server by removing the Outlook problem entirely. repeat for things like ODF (Okular as a viewer, KOffice as another editor suite for ODF), freedom friendly music stores (via Amarok), etc..

having defined the above two goals, and reaffirming our primary commitment as being to Free software platforms, made me feel a lot less dirty about it all ;)

whether or not it has any leverage in the individual user market at all is an interesting discussion (personally, i doubt it will) but not much more than that =)

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