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General Development "Vala is, in some sense, a new programming language. It’s syntax and structure leans heavily towards C#. As Jurg Billeter, the mastermind behind Vala, likes to put it; Vala is an amalgam of different C inspired languages, mostly C++ and C#. An though there is no mercury in this mixture, you'll find many a gold nugget in Vala."
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RE[4]: Why?
by jkroon on Sun 6th Jul 2008 13:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Why?"
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The most important thing about Vala (according to me) is the GObject introspection stuff. Hopefully very soon it will be possible to write a library in Vala, autogenerate the introspection data, and seamlessly use the library from Python, Java, C#, whatever. Big plus.

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