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KDE KDE 4.1 is supposed to make everything right with the recently troubled desktop. Everyone agrees now that KDE 4.0 was a mistake. However, what the mistake was -- and whose -- is a matter of opinion. KDE developers blame distributions for rushing to include a release that was never intended for everyday use, while users blame developers for changing everything. More here. Also, Tectonic published an article titled "Beyond the desktop with KDE4", while the now well-known for its sarcasm 'Linux Hater' blog has something to say too (warning: some profanity).
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RE: an idea
by Elv13 on Sun 6th Jul 2008 22:20 UTC in reply to "an idea"
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It is called a fork, and it would be extremely bad for KDE. Forking would separate develper in 2 (ok, let say 99% with kde4 and 1% (corporate devs) with kde3).

KDE3 is also based on old libs like qt3 witch have just, well, no future. Qt4 is just better, even if 4.4 need some speed optimization and got some redraw issue (4.5 will focus on fixing that).

Anyway, the fork would be kde3 and not kde4. After let say, a years, the kde3 fork will die, because kde3 will just be obsolete, even if they took the KDE4 "krash2" or alpha1 build (qt4 port, but kicker/kdesktop/konqueror/kwin "intact").

KDE4 is the way to go that's all. Computer are evolving, desktop have to evolve too. Web is taking more and more space, file are getting bigger, we got much more of them, DPI/PPI is getting higher, the range from lower resolution to bigger resolution is getting bigger (thanks to UMPC/PDA and widescreen LCD), average Linux user become less "elistic"/Geek and start to become less or more everyone with the new generation of UMPC, the average power of device are getting higher (ok, well, i would prefer if this was reserved to application, but why not few eye-candies).

All that will continue. KDE4 come with solution to these problem, KDE3 does not, that's all. Things are changing so the desktop is changing. A message to all trolls, the war between conservative Windows XP user (i am not talking about those who wanted a less memory hungry OS, only those that just didn't wanted to see things moving around) was fun to watch for a Linux user, and Linux user were trolling for XP too just for fun, but in reality, that war was useless, windows has to evolve too, maybe they didn't made good choice every were, but a least they did something. I think that KDE4 is in better position. Yes things are moving around, but they have a plan, a guideline. If they follow it, it will provide a smooth and excellent user experiences. Aaron try to keep this vision intact, so it can actually happen. In open source, it is hard to follow a guideline, it is one of the big advantages of the proprietary model, but this time more than even, it is necessary. Stop complaining, wait and see, as a KDE4 user since march and a developer, I am well placed to confirm that this vision is the right path to follow and that the technology under KDE4 are there and ready to provide what is promised since 3 years.

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