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KDE KDE 4.1 is supposed to make everything right with the recently troubled desktop. Everyone agrees now that KDE 4.0 was a mistake. However, what the mistake was -- and whose -- is a matter of opinion. KDE developers blame distributions for rushing to include a release that was never intended for everyday use, while users blame developers for changing everything. More here. Also, Tectonic published an article titled "Beyond the desktop with KDE4", while the now well-known for its sarcasm 'Linux Hater' blog has something to say too (warning: some profanity).
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RE: KDE 4.0 is a mistake
by AndrewDubya on Mon 7th Jul 2008 06:50 UTC in reply to "KDE 4.0 is a mistake"
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That's an absurd comment to make. Distro maintainers are supposed to be smart and have their own quality assurance for their distribution before releasing software.

If you want software on the bleeding edge, there's no sense in complaining. If you don't, then maybe you should consider reading a review or two before you jump in. Discussing the version number is stupid. All software is always in development, the only thing that matters is whether it provides the functionality you need (or, in the case of upgrades, improves your situation).

I think the Linux desktop environments need a ton of work, and I'm absolutely happy that KDE devs decided to try something new out. And, yeah, I think that they should spend their time doing what benefits them, whether it's enjoyable programming, progressing the goals of the company that employs them, or making a desktop they like to use.

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