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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As the Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10) development gets going, many people will probably be wondering what new end-user features they can expect. This article lists the top 5 new features. My Take: Nothing really exciting. I still shiver over the inability of the default Totem installation not de-interlacing my camcomder-derived home videos and DVDs because GStreamer doesn't support it, or no full A/V support on Pidgin yet, or something as simple as this which I've been asking for years now and it would probably take 5 minutes to implement.
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He did offer a solution, for example for LSB. That solution was to standardize (at least between the major distros*, because no one** cares about Gobolinux) the binaries. He was also supportive of the synchronized releases system.

Both of which won't happen because of "features" and "product differentiation" ( For example, how many new features can libc get in 2 years' time? (and why would you want new features in libc?!)
Some things should be standardized, and you could only add on top of that.

Then, on the next cycle, you could change the versions.

Not glamorous, but ultra effective. And remember kids, different base libraries version don't offer more choices, they hinder them. What you want is more higher quality application alternatives (for the "free software is about freedom to choose" fanatics ;) ).

*Red Hat (aka Fedora, CentOS + other clones), SUSE (aka openSUSE), Debian (+ derivates), Ubuntu (which has marketing clout), Linspire/Xandros. Gentoo can't be counted in because of the development policy, Slackware has 3 people developing in, PCLinuxOS also has few people developing it. Basically if Red Hat, SUSE, Debian and Ubuntu will agree to something, everyone would follow in due time.
**No one = 1% or less of the Linux desktop population.

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