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Fedora Core Remember Automatix? Yes the nifty little application that made installing additional softwares on the Ubuntu system a breeze. Here comes the same for Fedora 9, FedoMATIX (v0.1Beta). It currently works on the command line only, but supports more than 60 additional softwares/apps already. The next version, which is due release in 2 months, will feature a GUI and many more softwares and hacks.
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RE[4]: This is good news
by chrono13 on Mon 7th Jul 2008 14:48 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This is good news"
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I have had Automatix kill Ubuntu before (failed to upgrade properly).

Ubuntu-Restricted-Extras metapackage contains mp3, flash, java, gstreamer codecs, mstfcorefonts, and much more.

If metapackages solve this newbie problem, what problem is automatix solving? And is Automatix creating more problems than it solves?

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