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Linux While I was trawling through Net Applications' operating system share trend data for the past 24 months, something struck me. June 08 marked a big month for Linux. The OS saw the largest increase in market share for the whole 2 year period - a growth of 0.12%.
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RE: And again...
by -oblio- on Mon 7th Jul 2008 21:30 UTC in reply to "And again..."
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Ok, here's a random traffic ranking for a very popular site in Romania:
Windows XP 699.278 87,55%
Windows Vista 70.800 8,86%
Windows 2000 9.150 1,15%
Macintosh 6.111 0,77%
Unix 3.983 0,50%
Windows 98 3.497 0,44%
Windows 2003 3.153 0,39%
Altele 2.150 0,27%
Windows Me 358 0,04%
Windows NT 151 0,02%
Windows 95 80 0,01%
It's a sport sites, so it's not chock full of tech geeks (like a distribution forum), just regular people.
Linux (which is categorized under Unix) is in the gutter.
Romania isn't a rich country, but even Mac has a higher market share (remember, we import Macs from the US, with huge taxes, and because of low demand they're sold as high priced luxury items, so they're a lot more expensive than your average PC).

Checking for the top 10 or 20 sites shows the same thing. Under 1 percent. Linux is fighting Windows 98, not Vista ;)

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