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Linux While I was trawling through Net Applications' operating system share trend data for the past 24 months, something struck me. June 08 marked a big month for Linux. The OS saw the largest increase in market share for the whole 2 year period - a growth of 0.12%.
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RE[3]: Comment by moleskine
by exigentsky on Tue 8th Jul 2008 05:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by moleskine"
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if they look the type, an Apple laptop.

Many people have the idea that Apple computers are for those who know nothing about technology. Most Apple users I know have tried Windows (for many years) before and sometimes even Linux. They have more exposure and understanding of technology than the average user, but they choose to use OS X. Many of them are excited about technology and want to make the most of it. That's why Mac users upgrade in droves and eagerly anticipate WWDC or Macworld. The average user for Windows hasn't seriously tried any alternative and hardly cares about such matters.

OS X may be easier to use than the rest, but this is not the only factor and it doesn't just attract users who have no clue how to use a computer. It appeals to many computer "geeks" like me too because of its UNIX core, open source components and development tools. I've used Windows almost all of my life and Linux (tens of distributions) since 2000, but I wanted to see what OS X was like. In early 2007, I purchased a Macbook. It was comparably priced to a similar Lenovo/Dell/Toshiba model and I knew I could run Windows and Linux on it. How could someone interested in technology pass up an opportunity to play with a brand new well-designed operating system?

Please don't generalize users based on their choice of computer. For example, I'm not much into music, fashion/looking cool but being a douchebag, never owned any Apple products before (even a single iTunes song) and I'm certainly no computer novice.

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