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Internet & Networking So should you pay up to $35 for their lowest 5GB plan, you just might be able to actually watch two HD films. Of course you can go over your limit if you're willing to pay $1 per additional gigabyte, a markup over cost of only 1,000 to 1,500% by Time Warner Cable. That's a bad deal however you slice it -- unless you work in marketing.
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RE: They know what they are doing
by rjamorim on Tue 8th Jul 2008 15:37 UTC in reply to "They know what they are doing"
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I can see Apple (iTunes), Amazon (UnBox), and Netflix all fighting the cable companies on this, as they would all be at risk of losing customers who feel they'd be paying twice for one product.

These stores would probably make a deal with the cable companies where their stuff doesn't get counted towards your bandwidth quota. That would have the added benefit of discouraging piracy, as bittorrent and the like would fill your quota quite quickly.

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