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Legal Even though the White House "strongly support[s]" the FISA bill, and contends it is necessary to provide "our intelligence professionals the tools they need to keep our Nation safe," and urges the Senate "to act as soon as it returns from its recess," the Bush Administration is willing to veto the legislation and forgo these tools unless the telecom immunity is given effect immediately.
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by airwedge1 on Tue 8th Jul 2008 17:59 UTC
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The united states is basically a police state now a days. We the people have very little freedom left. Nearly every one of the first 10 amendments have been blatantly broken by the federal government in the near past. The sad thing is there is so many stupid people out there that go about their lives thinking they are free, and have no idea what is happening. Also sadly there is not really anything we can do to save the united states at this point. Only way to really get away is to pick up shop and move to another planet.

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