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Legal Even though the White House "strongly support[s]" the FISA bill, and contends it is necessary to provide "our intelligence professionals the tools they need to keep our Nation safe," and urges the Senate "to act as soon as it returns from its recess," the Bush Administration is willing to veto the legislation and forgo these tools unless the telecom immunity is given effect immediately.
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Dont turn this site into slashdot
by friday on Tue 8th Jul 2008 21:22 UTC
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One of the reason I dont visit slashdot much anymore was that they dove into the realm of politics.

What does telecommunications companies and FISA courts have to do with operating systems? My answer would be "nothing".

Please, can we keep this site free of politics? I come here to see which operating system has been released, reviews of operating systems, who has innovated FOSS software to improve our computing experience, and to see what directions the IT industry is taking. This is one of the best sites for this on the web. But, posting subjects like this only lowers the value of this site's content.

I registered solely to post this. Please, don't let this site become another slashdot or digg.

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