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Linux I find a large number of people around me who have used vim a few times while writing programs. Very few of them have grown into becoming effective vim users. The majority drop out because of its initially daunting interface. A good number of the interested users switch to emacs, because they think the 'power' just isn't there with vim. I am not saying emacs is bad, but I just cannot stand decisions made on lack of information.
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RE: Good article but....
by DoctorPepper on Tue 8th Jul 2008 22:42 UTC in reply to "Good article but...."
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I agree totally. Splitting windows is one of my "neat" selling points for Vim, to my hard-core vi-user friends. Once they see me split a window horizontally, then resize them, and split the top window vertically, they become totally impressed.

Actually, my best selling point is when I edit multiple files, and show how to move between them, then copy and paste between buffers.

Oh, and we won't even talk about the syntax highlighting. That's always good for a few "oooh"'s and "ah"s. :-)

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