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Linux I find a large number of people around me who have used vim a few times while writing programs. Very few of them have grown into becoming effective vim users. The majority drop out because of its initially daunting interface. A good number of the interested users switch to emacs, because they think the 'power' just isn't there with vim. I am not saying emacs is bad, but I just cannot stand decisions made on lack of information.
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Vim : my main editor
by ArcadeFX on Wed 9th Jul 2008 11:20 UTC
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I really like Vim and used it on small to large scale projects. It has helped me create a video game (in C for Linux PDA), cms system (content mgt in PHP5) and a bunch of other projects.

I also now use Komodo Edit (free ed.) and it's nice as well. Sometimes a full GUI is nice.

Of course having a background as a Linux/Unix admin. Vi/Vim has served me well (Perl, Shell, Python scripting).

Go Vim!

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