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Apple One benefit to open-source applications is they can run on any operating system you want. But getting open-source software developed for the Mac is -- depending on whom you ask -- slow as molasses or quick as lightning. Mac expert Lisa Hoover collected several viewpoints. Which do you think is right?
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RE[5]: No, it is not
by mbharat on Wed 9th Jul 2008 18:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: No, it is not"
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Ever tried playing a MKV containing 1080p h.264 video with VLC?

Well I tried it not just on Macbook with VLC, but on windows opteron desktop also and not just with VLC but with CoreAVC also. And in all cases I couldn't play with out dropped frames. Most of the CPUs out there today cannot play that. openCL may change that.

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