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Graphics, User Interfaces 360Desktop is a software that extends the Windows desktop into a panaromic desktop, with unlimited space. In addition, "it allows users to easily grab their favorite web content from across the web, and put it right on their expanded desktop". Demo of 360Desktop in action.
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RE[2]: Unlimited?
by Alleister on Thu 10th Jul 2008 07:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Unlimited?"
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The Raindrops are just a demonstration of what is possible. The cube is getting close to be useful, since it gives some spatiality to the desktops.

Other compiz plugins are really extremely useful:
I use the fast zoom quite frequently and together with the contrast increase functions i would guess it is a dream to use for people with reduced eyesight.

The places and expose clones are a great to work with, i nearly stopped using the taskbar since i have those.

Different visual effects for closing and minimizing windows give a very subtle and pleasing cue if the app is closed or just iconified.

Get over the early demos and have an in depth look at what compiz does nowadays, it is far beyond being a toy these days.

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