Linked by Amjith Ramanujam on Thu 10th Jul 2008 06:16 UTC
Graphics, User Interfaces 360Desktop is a software that extends the Windows desktop into a panaromic desktop, with unlimited space. In addition, "it allows users to easily grab their favorite web content from across the web, and put it right on their expanded desktop". Demo of 360Desktop in action.
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Not exactly a breakthrough
by RenatoRam on Thu 10th Jul 2008 09:24 UTC
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...that's not that much different from what we've been able to to for ages in, say, fvwm with multiple workspaces and a navigator.

Nowadays even with fancier tricks thanks to compiz and such.

I hope the real innovation in this thing is not supposed to be that you can open pieces of web pages and leave them on parts of the workspace you don't normally see to avoid clutter... because that's EXACTLY what I've been doing in the last 10 years on the various incarnations of X11 desktops/WMs.

Sure, for windows it's a boon, but still...

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