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Windows has an interesting artcile on 20 things Windows 7 MUST include (their emphasis, not mine). They begin "Despite its enhanced security, improved CPU scheduler and excellent stability, it's still the flawed gem in many critics' eyes. But can Microsoft win back the XP crowd with its upcoming Windows 7 offering? The fact is, they have to." My Take: Not sure I agree with them all -- do home users really care about WinFS? -- but some, like home user licensing and simpler management of startup items would be really compelling features for upgraders.
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20 things they must do
by robertojdohnert on Thu 10th Jul 2008 19:09 UTC
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Interesting but not all are feasible. Considering 32bit is still the lead selling chip and continues to be and probably will be when Windows 7 is released, making it 64bit only will only hamper Microsofts ability to push Windows 7. The world will make the transition but doing it now wont help Microsoft or even the Linux guys. Also do some research WinFS is not a NTFS replacement, it was a relational database. I say WAS because WinFS is dead.

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