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Windows has an interesting artcile on 20 things Windows 7 MUST include (their emphasis, not mine). They begin "Despite its enhanced security, improved CPU scheduler and excellent stability, it's still the flawed gem in many critics' eyes. But can Microsoft win back the XP crowd with its upcoming Windows 7 offering? The fact is, they have to." My Take: Not sure I agree with them all -- do home users really care about WinFS? -- but some, like home user licensing and simpler management of startup items would be really compelling features for upgraders.
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New UAC?
by fernandotcl on Thu 10th Jul 2008 21:42 UTC
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Wtf does the author mean with that? UAC already is a dialog box that asks if you want to proceed or cancel. He's probably referring to Explorer warning you about requiring special priviledges to perform certain operations.

I've observed things like this before. The general practice is to blame UAC for everything you don't like or understand in Vista. It's acceptable that users behave like this, but not the press. Well, I'm not sure you can call that article part of the "press" anyways (not that the "real" press is much different from that)...

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