Linked by David Adams on Fri 11th Jul 2008 01:55 UTC, submitted by ohxten
BSD and Darwin derivatives An ancient (at least 33 years old) stack-overflow bug has been discovered and fixed in yacc, thanks to a new malloc() implementation by Otto Moerbeek. More info and a complete description of the bug can be found here.
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RE: Oh my god
by Lazarus on Fri 11th Jul 2008 06:09 UTC in reply to "Oh my god"
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"Edit: It seems that yacc is not technicly a part of OpenBSD so I guess that's why it wasn't discovered sooner."

It wasn't discovered sooner because it was obscure, not because it wasn't a part of OpenBSD. The new malloc implementation made the broken code fail reliably so it could be tracked down and fixed.

Please, read articles before you comment on them ;^)

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