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Internet & Networking A recent post about Firefox and my general view of corporations and organizations has caused a bit of a stir. It even caught the attention of Asa Dotzler. He said "It's really hard for me to believe that either [Microsoft or Adobe] have the free and open Web at heart when they're actively subverting it with closed technologies like Flash and Silverlight." But are they really subverting it? Where exactly is the line between serving the consumer and subverting the web? I think the W3C should share in this blame.
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Thats not the point
by galvanash on Fri 11th Jul 2008 20:04 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: MS IE6 100% to blame"
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Compile it yourself, put it on a CD and sell it.
Then it's open.

The Specification IS open (at least mostly):

There is still some important bits missing - the big ones being RTMP and the spark codec stuff - but whats there has been open since May. But to be clear, its not open source - but it is an open spec.

Implement a player yourself. Then you can compile it, put it on a CD and sell it. If that is your definition of open then its open. You just have to do the hard part - implementation. They don't provide an open source reference implementation.

Now having said that - I still think Flash sucks and the way forward is through text based vectoring formats (SVG, canvas, etc.). Standardization of audio/video media codecs and graphics/vector libraries should be developed independently imho.

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