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Linux "Recently a blog post entitled 'Why Desktop Linux is its own worst enemy' has come across my feed-radar a few times. It's yet another in the long line of 'Linux ain't ready yet' jeremiads and it doesn't really say anything new yet it got on my nerves. Why?" Ryan Cartwright at Freesoftware Magazine is on fine form with this wonderfully splenetic broadside. Read the full tirade at FSM.
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Who's really comparing ?
by galaxstar on Sat 12th Jul 2008 04:49 UTC
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I tend to disagree with this article.

The author is complaining that Linux is being compared to Windows and OS X.
But isn't that what many Linux advocates have been doing for years ? I can't count how many times i've read Linux bloggers compare their OS to Vista or XP for instance.
Of course in the case of linux bloggers, Linux always gets the upper hand.

On another note 95% of the desktop market is a consumer market. That old chesnut about educating computer users, user participation etc is wrong. The majority of computer users want a computer product (incl the os). They don't want to be computer enthusiasts.

It is perfectly normal to compare available products from a user/consumer perspective even if the philosophy being Linux is radically different.
End users might care more about what they get (user experience) than about a very broad concept like free (as in speech) software.

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