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Linux "Recently a blog post entitled 'Why Desktop Linux is its own worst enemy' has come across my feed-radar a few times. It's yet another in the long line of 'Linux ain't ready yet' jeremiads and it doesn't really say anything new yet it got on my nerves. Why?" Ryan Cartwright at Freesoftware Magazine is on fine form with this wonderfully splenetic broadside. Read the full tirade at FSM.
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Something right but still....
by Larz on Sat 12th Jul 2008 05:22 UTC
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Of all the rants and discussion this one was actually one of the better ones.

I do however still have a major problem with it. He goes on to tell that there are so many Linux distributions because they fill a need. Fine - any piece of software should be created on the basis of a need.

But the same goes for Windows or Mac OS X. Some people don't care about the underlying technology and just wants to get the job done without spending much time learning it. And some people are just rather computer lillterate and dont get their curiosity stimulated by software. Which is quite OK actually.

I am sure mechanics would find me totally oblivious to the innter workings of a car, chefs would think that I am terrible at cooking and accountants would shudder at the way I deal with my personal finances. But there is only so much time available in life.

So just don't call people lazy or stupid because they have no interest at all in which software to use and how to use it.

(this is not to say that there aren't lazy or stupid people around - but using it as general moniker is wrong).

I am really getting to old for this "my software" is better/different from "your software".

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