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Linux The Linux desktop has come a long, long way, but there are still times when I have to use the command line. (I am a hardcore user, after all.) But even though I'm used to typing, spending hours upon hours with my fingers at the keyboard, I still grow tired of typing the same commands over and over. To reduce that tedium, I always add aliases to my .bashrc file.
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powershell? nah
by netpython on Sat 12th Jul 2008 13:15 UTC
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if test "$UID" != "0"; then
umask 077
if test "$UID" != "0"; then
chmod go-rwx -R $HOME/.
if test "$UID" != "0"; then
chmod +t -R $HOME/*

in /etc/profile

Can MS powershell do the same?

Enough said.

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