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Linux "Recently a blog post entitled 'Why Desktop Linux is its own worst enemy' has come across my feed-radar a few times. It's yet another in the long line of 'Linux ain't ready yet' jeremiads and it doesn't really say anything new yet it got on my nerves. Why?" Ryan Cartwright at Freesoftware Magazine is on fine form with this wonderfully splenetic broadside. Read the full tirade at FSM.
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RE: Good Lord
by ichi on Sat 12th Jul 2008 15:37 UTC in reply to "Good Lord"
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That is the reality out there. The reason I like Mac OS X over Linux is simply this. I get all the power of UNIX whilst at the same time able to sit back, run Microsoft Office, syncronise my music to my ipod, download photos off my camera with an easy to use iPhoto, make videos for youtube using the built in eye sight - and the quality is great when compared to the hacked up job that is usbvc/v4L and its list of unsupported features.

Good to see that your OS suits your needs.

Fortunately mine does suit my needs too: I can sync my music with my mp4 player, download photos off my camera with konqueror, make videos for my psp/mp4/youtube with avidemux either getting the video files out of my cellphone or my video camera, adjust subtitles and sync audio/video on the fly with mplayer, create pdf documentation for clients at work, create and test bash scripts to extend our products functionality, automatically fill mp3 tags from their audio footprint and grab covers for my mp3 library while also fetching lyrics and wikipedia info using amarok, selecting albums to burn straight from amarok's collection, plug my scanner and start adquiring images with xsane right away without installing any driver, rip my CDs with grip, burn anything with k3b...

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