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Linux "Recently a blog post entitled 'Why Desktop Linux is its own worst enemy' has come across my feed-radar a few times. It's yet another in the long line of 'Linux ain't ready yet' jeremiads and it doesn't really say anything new yet it got on my nerves. Why?" Ryan Cartwright at Freesoftware Magazine is on fine form with this wonderfully splenetic broadside. Read the full tirade at FSM.
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But there kind of is - to the consternation of many perhaps, that seems to be Ubuntu. I really have a difficult time anymore accepting that distribution confusion is a major factor in anything other than how to archive/distribute commercial software.

Prospective newcomers to Linux are most likely going to use Ubuntu if they don't want to read about different distributions and if they read, then the choices open up to what, 4 or 5 total? (Mandriva, SuSE, maybe Fedora? Even though Debian is a breeze to install, no one's going to because the same stupid ideas about it from like 1998 - OMG FOR GEEKS ONLY - persist until today.)

There have been several comments and articles lately commenting on (or bemoaning the fact) that increasingly people equate Linux and Ubuntu. I've argued before that this is not a bad thing.

I have a hard time seeing this as a major issue anymore. Whether it's a good thing or bad, or whether people like it or not, Ubuntu is going to be what people probably try if they really can't decide or don't want to.

I argue that users of all distributions ought to be down with this, install Ubuntu in a VM (if they don't run it) if they're going to be offering support and then in 3 to 6 months, have a conversation with the user in question about what they like or don't like about Ubuntu, and if they're unhappy, discuss alternative distributions with them (translate this to "evangelize your own distribution!" if you're that type of person.)

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