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Internet & Networking Are you still using a web browser to access your favourite online applications? Why not do things the easy way, and make those applications part of your desktop with Prism. Scott Nesbitt at Freesoftware Magazine tells you what Prism can do to boost you experience of the web on your desktop -and more importantly, how to do it. Read the full story at FSM. Editor's Note: This story looks at Prism from the point of view of a Gnome user on Linux, but Prism can be used on Mac OS and Windows as well. Check out the Prism project page for information on other platforms.
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poor lads and lasses
by manjabes on Mon 14th Jul 2008 08:26 UTC
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From the article: On top of that, you don’t get all of the clutter that you find in a web browser. No tool or menu bars, or anything else to distract you.

Oh you poor lads and lasses who get distracted by something as benign as a menu bar! How on earth can you bear working with a computer when you always have to fight off those dastardly toolbars that pretend they are there to help, but actually are pursuing their own evil agenda which includes taking over your brain?

As a warning to all of you who are constantly attacked by the overwhelming League of Evil (Tool | Menu)bars, beware: Google Docs, that was also pictured in the article, also has its own "menu" bar - cleverly disguised, though.

Another warning: also beware of the title bars, they seem perfectly unobtrusive right now but you never know when (or if) they start acting up and distracting you from your tasks and hampering your productivity!

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