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GTK+ At last week's Guadec meeting, Kristian Rietveld delivered the GTK+ "state of the union" report. GTK+ is the multi-platform toolkit behind a number of popular applications and, perhaps most well known, the Gnome Desktop environment for Linux. Read the full report here.
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RE: When is something good enough?
by -oblio- on Mon 14th Jul 2008 12:55 UTC in reply to "When is something good enough?"
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"The open source community thrives on innovation and interesting challenges, which is why there is now talk of GTK+, but one has to wonder whether it wouldn't make more sense to spend the next three years in bug squashing and polishing mode."

I agree. I'm thinking about two top level OSS GTK apps: Inkscape and Pidgin. Both are pretty good applications, but are still struggling to reach "top of the class": Pidgin is always chasing protocols (not their fault, of course), while Inkscape's roadmap still shows a lot of work ahead.

The following scenario: GTK developers moving to an incompatible GTK 3 API and Inkscape/Pidgin having to rewrite most of the applications, losing functionality for a while and they trying to put it back in, seems like an users' nightmare to me.

And these are just 2 examples, think of the tons of GTK 2 apps.

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