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GTK+ At last week's Guadec meeting, Kristian Rietveld delivered the GTK+ "state of the union" report. GTK+ is the multi-platform toolkit behind a number of popular applications and, perhaps most well known, the Gnome Desktop environment for Linux. Read the full report here.
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RE[4]: private structure fields
by YEPHENAS on Mon 14th Jul 2008 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: private structure fields"
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is Qt not bind to Cocoa on OS X? Never tried, but isn't possible to code OS X application in C,C++ or Obj-C in xcode?

With pure C you can code Carbon applications, but Carbon is outdated. Then there is Objective C++: most of your program will be C++ but the Cocoa calls will be with the Smalltalk-like "Objective-syntax". Perhaps that's what Qt does. The Java bindings had difficulties mapping Cocoa to Java and are abandoned now. And even Ruby or Python bindings look strange, like: myObject.setValue_forKey_(u"foo", u"bar")

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