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Mac OS X VirtualBox is an open-source virtualization alternative to Parallels and VMWare in the MacOS X arena. Here is a step-by-step screenshot tutorial to installing Windows XP using VirtualBox in MacOS X.
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by iskios on Mon 14th Jul 2008 19:45 UTC
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I think the problem is that there are a thousand little OSes out there, and for each app that gets ported to the three major platforms, Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix, there are bound to be tons of requests for ports to all of the other OSes or variations of OSes out there. I don't think Sun owes it to FreeBSD or any other OS to port to them, but this is an Open Source project, and as a result, there may well be a port to >insertt OS name here< coming soon, or there may not be.

I have used OS/2, BeOS, and a couple of other OSes that often did not have the support of the Software Developement Community, and I know the feeling of wanting that cool piece of software to be ported, but the truth is we make a choice to use a platform we often have to put up with the consequences of that decision, or switch platforms.

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