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Linux "Linux kernel hacker Greg Kroah Hartman's June 5, 2008 talk at Google titled "The Linux Kernel" was chock-full of details about kernel development". This is a collection of some statistics about the Linux kernel development from that talk. Juicy Bit:"Supports more processors and devices than any other OS in history".
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RE: figures
by Ben Jao Ming on Tue 15th Jul 2008 10:41 UTC in reply to "figures"
Ben Jao Ming
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Canonical had about 6 changes in the past 5 years; they are in the 300th
position. GKH was very emphatic that 'Canonical does not give back to the community'.

Currently Launchpad is holding more than 1700 kernel related bugs:

Maybe Canonical doesn't directly pay kernel devs, but Ubuntu endorses lots of kernel development. Canonical is just an easy target because they're so well-known. But they're definitely not the same kind of company as Red Hat and shouldn't be viewed as such. Seeing their "Engineering" web page clearly proves that they're just getting started.

But seeing how they boast themselves about contributing to Linux tastes a little wrong, if GHK is just half right about his claims:

But only 6 contributions!? Aaaaah, something's got to be wrong here.

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