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Fedora Core The #1 supercomputer in the world, the IBM Roadrunner, produced at a cost of nearly $100 million dollars, runs Fedora. IBM has been working on and contributing to Fedora, using it as a prototype for the new cell architecture that leads to this supercomputer.
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RE: Ofcourse
by stabbyjones on Wed 16th Jul 2008 00:41 UTC in reply to "Ofcourse"
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Of course it runs Fedora. What else did you think it would run, Windows? Fedora IS pretty much THE main stream for all Linux Distros, you know.
Ubuntu just has a rabid following.

The only distro i know in that list is yellow dog linux. There will be more Fedora users than any of it's offshoots.

I'd also wager there are a lot more users of debian based distro's on desktops.
I don't like Ubuntu and i won't be using it any time soon but it is Debian based. If you count Ubuntu forks as well the list is even bigger.

So if fedora is THE main stream for Linux distro's where are the streams?

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