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Legal Apple has filed a suit (more details) on July 3rd against Psystar in the northern district of California. Psystar dubbed its cheap Mac Clone as Open Computer and started shipping them around April of this year.
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RE: Apple still doesn't get it
by M-Saunders on Wed 16th Jul 2008 15:09 UTC in reply to "Apple still doesn't get it"
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With all respect, Apple has a lot of very business-savvy people working for them. A LOT. They research every possibility of the market, come up with prototypes that we'll never see, and pore over every potential buck. That's how big, successful companies work.

Do you really think they've never considered releasing OS X to the mass market? Apple is out to make money -- the top bods have to for the shareholders. If Apple discovered that opening OS X would bring in much more money than their current business model, as you claim, they would do it.

Again, there are a LOT of business smart people at Apple looking into many different possible routes for the company. They know more than a lot of armchair execs sitting around on websites saying "omg apple doesnt get it" when the company is doing very well.

If Apple isn't doing it, it's because it won't make money in the long term, whatever some random website schmoes say. And hey, I'm just a schmoe as well.

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