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OSNews, Generic OSes A new Ubuntu-based Linux distribution has arrived, aimed at both Linux newbies and content creators. Boasting "out of the box" multimedia codecs, the freely downloadable PC/OS incorporates the lightweight XFCE desktop, and is said to offer a similar layout to the groundbreaking, but ultimately doomed BeOS.
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RE[2]: Cloning the BeOS
by robertojdohnert on Wed 16th Jul 2008 18:29 UTC in reply to "RE: Cloning the BeOS"
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And I go through great PAINS to clear up the mess. I have never claimed to be a be clone. Its never been my intention to be a Be clone, like I said, those are big shoes to fill. The press sees a yellow WM and they think, "BeOS". This has happened since PC/OS's inception. And if people read the blog, read the site and TALK to me instead of calling PC/OS a lame attempt at something it isnt even trying to do the confusion and their disappointment would be curbed. Im happy to hear people think PC/OS is a lame attempt at cloning BeOS since thats so far from what my goals are. Just a note though, I do know of several users who are Be fans and Be users who told me, they liked what I was doing and that PC/OS is very good. If you go into PC/OS expecting to find BeOS, you will be disappointed, sorry. v2 which is coming out in the fall will have more of the focus on multimedia creation and content creation which is what I want and what I strive for.

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