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Linux The ext3undel utility can recover accidently removed data on ext3 filesystems. Users can recover a specific file by name, or they can restore all files marked as deleted. ext3undel is a wrapper for other recovery programs such as Photorec, Foremost and SleuthKit.
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Not really....
by chimby on Wed 16th Jul 2008 19:39 UTC
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You should be aware that the ext3 fs actually zero's out the block pointers in the inode when a file is deleted, so file recovery programs/scripts are not very reliable. If your file spans several blocks and if it is a binary file forget it. If your file has some identifiable text you might be able to manually rebuild the pointers if you are lucky and have lots of time.

I have had the bad experience of dropping the wrong MySQL db and was unable to recover it. I had to completely rebuild all my work. However, before that I tried everything in my power to recover the old one. At the end of the day it was just easier to re-create it.

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