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Windows InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy has been using a converted Windows Server 2008 as his primary OS since hitting a wall using Vista as a Visual Studio development platform four weeks ago. According to Kennedy, the guerrilla 'Workstation' 2008 OS has turned his Dell notebook into a well-oiled machine that never gets sluggish and rarely needs to reboot. Those interested in making the switch should check out, a clearinghouse for 'Workstation' 2008 tips and techniques. Kennedy also offers a link to a Windows 2008 Workstation Converter utility for quick conversion.
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Same ole story with W2K3
by RHCE07 on Wed 16th Jul 2008 23:26 UTC
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I do not believe any of the hype about how wonderful Windows 2008 Server is, the same kernel, the same problems, the same security problems.

Just a fresh face and there you go, license $$$ for something that turns to trash in a few months.

I have yet to see a Windows Server OS or Work Station be effective after running a few months.

No thanks, I will never use it, run it or mess with a bad solution to a problem of Windows Server.

Server 2008 Operating System Cost
Firewall cost
Anti-virus cost
License EULA agreement
application.exe errors (seem to be a feature of Windows)
Memory cost
Hardware cost
Backup software cost
Just a WASTE of money!

I have to say, every Windows server has services that die on start up, the famous 'reboot' to fix the lockup, no security from hackers, registry garbage.

Just say no!

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