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Windows InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy has been using a converted Windows Server 2008 as his primary OS since hitting a wall using Vista as a Visual Studio development platform four weeks ago. According to Kennedy, the guerrilla 'Workstation' 2008 OS has turned his Dell notebook into a well-oiled machine that never gets sluggish and rarely needs to reboot. Those interested in making the switch should check out, a clearinghouse for 'Workstation' 2008 tips and techniques. Kennedy also offers a link to a Windows 2008 Workstation Converter utility for quick conversion.
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RE: I'm on 2008 too, and it's good
by netpython on Thu 17th Jul 2008 05:21 UTC in reply to "I'm on 2008 too, and it's good"
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"A quick google later and I knew how to get it to install the stack and drivers that it includes but won't install by default (it involved some file copying and .inf-editing), and I was up and running 5 minutes later."

So maybe it isn't ready for the desktop yet? :-)

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