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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, recently did an interview with derStandard in which he discussed issues with Ubuntu's latest release, innovation, the future of GNOME, and other subjects. Perhaps the most interesting thing he said is that Linux does not yet deliver "a good enough user experience." Of course, you could say that of any operating system. Editor's Note: QT-based Gnome was also an interesting point-of-view.
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RE[3]: Comment by netdur
by aseigo on Thu 17th Jul 2008 06:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by netdur"
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Tt/Nokia has maybe 2 or 3 developers working on KDE.

there are only a few of us paid to work on KDE full time, yes. but there are several Qt developers who *also* work on KDE (some during creative fridays) and even more that work with KDE while working on Qt. the new printing support in Qt is a great example of the latter, in fact.

(there are other KDE shops as well, of course; KDAB with Kontact is probably a prime example of that.)

Certainly they draw from KDE, such as their adoption of phonon, but that just makes sense, it's a reciprocal arrangement.

reciprocal is a good term for it.

(i'd also point to the xquery, webkit and printing support for further examples)

But Qt is hardly controlled by KDE.

indeed; and imho that's a good thing.

Qt is influenced to varying degrees by KDE (and vice versa), but control would probably not be a great thing.

while a close cooperation exists, the independence of both Qt and KDE keeps each side "honest". there's also a lot more to Qt usage than KDE as well, ranging from the well known examples (Scribus, Skype, Google Earth, ..) to thousands of ISV apps. it's a pretty diverse ecosystem, and we all tend to get along and collaborate pretty well within it.

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