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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Microsoft's Windows beat operating system rivals Mac OS X and Ubuntu in a three-month test of update server uptime, according to Pingdom, a Swedish uptime monitoring company.
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How does ping relate to update availablity
by gilljr on Thu 17th Jul 2008 13:19 UTC
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Besides the point that update availability has nothing to do with system uptime and as long as they are available during most hours occasional downtime of update servers does not matter ...

Ping is only an indicator of a server responding to ICMP. Update availability would be better tested in my mind by downloading the updates every so many minutes/hours.

Better articles would test system uptime and factor in system down time due to updates during "maintenance window".

Every OS has its PROS/CONS. I run both Windows and Linux. I have no problems with either system. When the machines are running neither seem to fail during normal operation. The only annoyance to me is that my Windows servers require reboots to often to apply updates (This has been improved by Microsoft but they still have a long way to go). My Linux servers only require reboots when I change the kernel, which is very rare.

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