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Features, Office InfoWorld's Curtis Franklin reviews the four leading contenders to supplant Microsoft Office in business and finds that, while Google Docs is not ready to take on the full mantle, OpenOffice and Zoho provide viable alternatives should IT endeavor to wean business off Office.
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YES, and save a company money.
by RHCE07 on Fri 18th Jul 2008 02:31 UTC
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Today with the advancements in Open Source, the need
to purchase expensive Operating System specific
Office suites is over.

I use RHEL5.2 Server on my laptop with OpenOffice,
Evolution with Exchange connector and I have
never looked back.

Also, on my workstation I have Fedora 9 loaded with
OpenOffice and Evolution same setup and I have no
need what-so-ever for any vendor locked in apps.

I have all of the tools I need available free.

When people finally realize Open Source apps do
as good as job or better than one that you
pay a license fee and often have issues that
go unresolved.

When people finally make the switch, the bloated
Office suites will pass on to a distant memory.

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